Mr. Peanut Fakes, Reproductions, Fantasy and Questionable items are everywhere.  It seems like a new one pops up every week or so.  If you have come across a Mr. Peanut item and are not sure of its authenticity, feel free to email a photo of it to us (CLICK HERE to send us an email).  Arleane and I will do our best to let you know if it is real or not.  If you can't email a photo, try to describe it and we'll do the same.  To the best of our knowledge, items shown on the rest of the pages on this site are authentic. If you have an item you know is a fake and don't want anybody else to get stuck with, send the picture to us. We'll put it on the page.

Beware of Private Auctions - Check Out Their Other Items For Sale - ASK The Seller About History Of The Item Before You Bid - Cast Iron and Colored Glass Are Almost Always FAKE!  Planters Peanuts was established in 1906.  Mr. Peanut was created 10 years later in 1916.  Please remember those dates when you bid on the rare 19th century Planters Peanuts items. There is no way I can list or show all the Mr. Peanut fakes that are out there.  If you come across an item and are unsure of its authenticity, feel free to email a photo or the auction number to me and I will do my best to let you know if it is real or a fake.  Click here to send me an email.  
  I don't have a photo of this one but there are new "Pottery" or "McCoy" Mr. Peanut mugs that look like the original plastic ones.  These are fakes or fantasy items.
fakestockingh.jpg (18706 bytes) Fantasy item - Mr. Peanut "Stocking Hanger."  Made of cast iron.
fakethimble.jpg (10932 bytes) Fantasy item - Plastic Mr. Peanut Thimble

shotglass.jpg (26769 bytes)

This fake Mr. Peanut shot glass first appeared in the Spring/Summer of 2003.  It is square and measures 2 3/8" tall.  This one was sent to me by a club member who purchased it at a reproduction outlet.

glasses.jpg (45583 bytes)

One of the glasses on the left is fake.  Click the picture to find out how to tell the difference.

Cast Iron Mr. Peanut Figural Bank, doorstop or paperweight.  Any size, any color. They are all FAKES!  More precisely, it is a FANTASY item modeled after the 4" plastic salt & pepper shakers. If you are buying one of the "Old Original" ones, you're buying an old, original FAKE! The big ones make great boat anchors.

Authentic bag of marbles from Planters is shown.  Anything else is a fake.  Watch out for mesh bags and different color header tags. The real ones should have 14 marbles and the text on the header tag should be left and right justified. Click the photo for links to a great marbles site.

Header tags from fake marbles. The type on these can be red or black but the type is not justified like the real ones. Click on the photo of the real marbles, above, for more information.

fakemarblesonstands.jpg (44383 bytes)

Fake Marbles

5mugscolors.jpg (40489 bytes)

Don't be fooled by the colors you see.  The 5 mugs Mr. Peanut on the top are the exact same 5 mugs on the bottom.  The colors were manipulated in an editing program. The 5 on the top are closest to the real colors.

Fake on Left - Real Mr. Peanut cufflinks on the Right.  The crude fakes are unpolished and rough and they lack the black & white enameling of the real cufflink on the right. The fakes come in Cufflinks, Tie Tacks, Earrings, Pendants, Rings....

Mr. Robot is a FANTASY ITEM - in ANY color including clear and ceramic. Planters never made a colored jar and NEVER made one in this style.


Not So Questionable - A former Standard Brands employee reports that these are authentic.  They were given away to Planters visitors in Wilkes-Barre in the late 1970's.

Another Not So Questionable...  A long-time collector writes "I wanted to comment on the yellow plastic bottle caps with the blue writing and also the blue with yellow printing fish lure - I bought one of each at the Planter's store in Atlantic city in 1981- (the) last summer they were open!"...  That's enough proof for me to call them real.  Ed

4jarswBottoms.jpg (34311 bytes)

Mr. Peanut Cookie Jars. Fake on right (Says McCoy on bottom). The others are real.  Note the difference in the lettering on the McCoy hat.

McCoy Fakes    McCoy Fakes Home Page



Reproduction Mr. Peanut Pinbacks.

Marbles engraved or painted with Mr. Peanut - FANTASY

2banks.jpg (27224 bytes)

PAINTED PLASTIC BANKS - There are two original, painted banks.  They are both made of BLACK plastic.  The body of the older one is painted tan and the body of the newer one (1991) is painted yellow.  If you come across a bank made of colored plastic that has been painted, while the bank is original, the paint seriously devalues it.  These two Mr. Peanut banks are real.

Glass Child's Mug - ALL FAKE

FANTASY Mr. Peanut butterfly knife.

Glass Salt & Pepper modeled after the 4" plastic Mr. Peanut S&P's - FANTASY. They come in several colors

Everything Jar - FAKE. Does not say PLANTERS anywhere on jar.

Barrel Jar. Real on left, fake on right.  The real jar takes an 8" lid. The fake comes in several colors as well as ceramic and "opalescent".

Two Mr. Peanut Kazoos - Real one on left is marked "Made In U.S.A." on bottom - it looks like a submarine from the side.  The fake on the right is marked "Kazoo Co. Tonawanda New York 14150" on top and is fairly flat. 

Fantasy Buttons/Pinbacks

1987 - Unauthorized fantasy item, but nicely done and hard to find. The Mr. Peanut figure looks like a cast iron bank but it's a composite material on painted wood.

Octagon Jar. Fake on top, real on the bottom.  Note the spacing between the E and R.  Also, any jar in any color except clear is FAKE. Most real jars are embossed "Made in USA or Made in Canada" on the bottom.

Fake cast iron figural tray on left.  Look for the screw head below Mr. Peanut's legs.

Real ceramic figural tray on right.  It is one-piece and there is no screw. You only get the free screw with the fake one.




Mr. Peanut Balloon pins or fake cufflinks stuck on almost anything, especially Money Clips and Key Rings... If you are stuck with one of these fakes, please email or mail a picture of it to me so I can put it up on the site!!!!


Mr. Peanut PEZ dispensers - ALL FAKE.

Colored or tinted jars - ALL FAKE

Mr. Peanut Street Sign - FAKE

Ceramic 8-sided & "Barrel" jars - usually white with blue graphics - FAKE

Round, ceramic "Pill Boxes" with various graphics on the lid - especially the ones in PRIVATE AUCTIONS - are fakes.  The figural Mr. Peanut on a can of peanuts is real and authorized.













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