This page contains photos of Planters Mr. Peanut items that were sent to us and from our collection.

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smcover.jpg (12354 bytes)

Small Fold-out

tinscoupon39.jpg (51261 bytes)

1939 World's Fair Nut Dishes Coupon

music1.jpg (33599 bytes)

Music Box

amelia.jpg (35275 bytes)

Pick of the Plantation Box

1939 Golden Gate Expo Pin

snc.jpg (50056 bytes)

Sweet 'n' Crunchy Display

tinscoupon.jpg (113268 bytes)

Nut Dishes Coupon

smalls1.jpg (29278 bytes)

Small Figural Plastics

anchorjars.jpg (42317 bytes)

Anchor Hocking Jars

Nov 3 - Canadian Parade Mask - Birdsboro

Canadian Parade Mask

greenlegs3.jpg (32601 bytes)

Green Leg Pitcher and Mugs

80plate1.jpg (26714 bytes)

Homer Laughlin Plates for Mr. Peanut's 80th Birthday.

mask.jpg (11374 bytes)


Nov 3 - Mr. Peanut Blinker - Birdsboro


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Anyone with information on this item, please email me.  It is 4' 8" tall and made of wood.

polonaise.jpg (24730 bytes)

Polonaise Ornament

plasticcountertop.jpg (29353 bytes)

Plastic Counter Displays

sanfranglass.jpg (36889 bytes)

1954 San Francisco Plant Opening Glass

 - Only 144 were made -

75thbday.jpg (35487 bytes)

Mr. Peanut's 75th Birthday Logo Pin and Ring - 1991

2clocks.jpg (41408 bytes)

2 Variations of the same clock

lionspins.JPG (68850 bytes)

Lions Pins

flashlight.jpg (6947 bytes)


79case1.jpg (17760 bytes)

79case.jpg (45242 bytes)

Salesman's Sample Case "Decanter II" 1979

1982 Nostalgia Collection display with tin tray, decanter jar and peanut tin.

Vendor Cart.

Mr. Peanut Vender Bank.  Thanks to ebayer cowchipz for the photo!

From Ken Divis - Acrylic, 7" tall, 6" diameter, signed Michael F Cox. 

From Ken Divis - Acrylic, 7" tall, 6" diameter, signed Michael F Cox. 

Anyone with info on this item, please email Ken.

Gold Plastic Salt Shaker

Planters World Series Candy Wrapper - Standard Brands era

ceramicbowl.jpg (36834 bytes)

Ceramic Snack Bowl From England - Red bank is for perspective.



Wilkes-Barre Letter Opener

Co-hosts Tony Scola and Bob Devlin made TV news several times during the Atlantic City Convention.  They are shown here being interviewed on NBC-10, Philadelphia.

Nov 1 - Planters Popcorn Container

Cardboard Popcorn Container

pednlit.jpg (38023 bytes)

Pedestal Jar and Literature


Peanut-shaped Lighter with insert.

Persian Whip-it Top

L-R U-shaped Glass, V-shaped Clear Plastic, V-shaped Glass

Canadian Tins in Display

Prototype Bar Statue.

High Grade Peanut Butter Tin - 25lbs.  Also came in standard grade in a yellow tin and in 1lb, 5lb and 10lb sizes. (1918)

Nov 1 - Old Photo of Planters Truck with Hebrew Writing

Planters Edible Oil Company Truck With Hebrew Writing


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